Architect: Jiménez & Linares
Client: Ayuntamiento de Almeria
Status: Competition (2019)
Location: Almería, Spain
Coordinates: 36.7725091, -2.4277821
Climate: Temperate, Mediterranean
Material: Concrete
Environments: Urban, Seaside
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 2.587 ㎡ Medium
Types: Cultural, Cultural center

The project starts from a simple but resounding image, that of a tunic moving in the wind, as it happened in the outdoor theater of antiquity. We imagine, therefore, that the building is covered by a fabric, and that the breeze has been stretching and folding, allowing us to intuit the forms that it conceals.

Under the fabric, the building is conceived as a large square-based parallelepiped from which different volumes have been subtracted, generating gaps at different heights, but without a clear distinction between the existing building and the extension. The monolithic character of the volume, together with the continuity of its facades, makes the overall image prevail over the particularities of each program.

The result is similar to the rough walls of the Almerian quarries, a white volume, with their faces populated with grooves, pleats and lines of shadow. A large ashlar that rises in front of the sea, turned 45 degrees, showing us the edge on which converge their two main facades: the old and the new auditorium.

The extension is conceived as a band parallel to the existing building located to the east. This location allows the new auditorium to have its own access to Avenida del Mediterráneo, independent of the main access of the existing auditorium.

On the other hand the new volume happens to become a building with double orientation, with a main façade on the corner towards the sea. In addition, the layout of the new auditorium allows changing the image of the existing façade, reducing the budget destined to façade rehabilitation, without attaching completely to the pre-existence and allowing cross ventilation.

The urban environment aims to increase the area of green area around the auditorium, for this purpose there are bands of vegetation beds, alternating with living areas with benches and children’s games

Team: Elena Jiménez, Abelardo Linares | Collaborator: Javier Baranguá, Paloma Márquez | Post date: 11/02/2020 | Views: 2.025