CaixaForum Málaga
Architect: BAAS Arquitectura
Client: CaixaBank
Status: Competition (2023)
Location: Malaga, Spain
Coordinates: 36.7156313, -4.4488371
Climate: Temperate, Mediterranean
Material: Vegetal
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Play-Time architectonic images
Scale: 5.600 ㎡ Medium
Types: Cultural, Museum

Our proposal was not to create a museum, a symbol of previous times that have little or nothing to do with ours. We propose instead to build a cool shade house that houses a garden that can become a heat shelter for the city. The volume of the shade house would become an urban landmark that would allow all types of artistic actions, lights and projections, visible from a distance. This garden would house the administration, the cafeteria and access to the museum through a central lantern. The rest of the public pieces would be housed on a single floor, in a very simple scheme of parallel concrete walls. The central lantern, at double height, houses escalators that lead to the garden. A mezzanine floor houses the most specialized program, such as the classrooms and the VIP area. The difference in level between the square and the access create a space that allow citizen events, presentations and open-air cinema.

Consultant: Other Structures, AIA, Ardévols | Post date: 31/01/2024 | Views: 985