Casa del Agave is a winning proposal by 3me arquitectura developed in 2020. It is located in Jalisco Mexico in a countryside setting. Its scale is small with a surface of 900 sqm. Key material is wood. Franco Gilardi collaborated as visualizer.

«The Earth is the house of man … Before the house was a viewpoint, from its height you could follow the movement of the sun, the faces of the moon, the turning of the stars to know when to sow and when to harvest …» Mariana Yampolsky.

In its origin, living and cultivating the field were the same thing. The cultivation of the agave in the construction of the landscape has forged, from its origin to our time, worldviews, art, knowledge and identities. It is from this meaning that the project is conceived as a way to assimilate the beauty of a territory that represents, in the first place, the unique union of man, nature and time.

The agave landscape has been the motive for the poetic narrative of the Mexican, it has been the inspiration of artists who have laid out certain avenues of creativity. Gabriel Figueroa’s photography dialogues with Juan Rulfo’s imaginary to decipher and resignify concepts that link beauty and mystery.

What is that? That noise? … is silence …


“Building is properly inhabiting. Dwelling is the way mortals are on earth. Building in terms of inhabiting unfolds in building, the one who cares the cultivation, and in building, the one who erects buildings. (…) The fundamental feature of living is caring. » Martin Heidegger.

In the agave landscape coexist: lights, shadows, rhythms, vibrations, full and empty, color … the existence of certain patterns associated with a language is revealed, patterns that make it possible to inhabit, but that establish, as well, how to inhabit. Based on the perception of these guidelines, the project aims to generate a primitive inhabiting space. An emotional and free transition in a space of use not explicit, but made possible.

Its location, formal proposal and materiality are integrated into the agave field. The structure is born from the essentiality of the place, it is established as an evocation of the origin of the settlements, as a space of refuge and as a reference of time, a time that is capable of rebirth, an archetypal time.

The place is like a territory of suspended time. Everything is perceived from a certain darkness, from resonances, shadows, echoes … to get used to the silence. A space that opens the doors of access to the original time that embraces all times, past or future, in a present, in a total presence. «From being there», where the new time does not happen to the old.

2747-3ME-MX-2020 — Posted in 2020 — Explore more projects on intervention and landscape — Climate: mediterranean and temperate — Team: Enrico Hernandez, Valentino Hernandez — Views: 3.660