Casa delle Associazioni is a winning proposal by Atelier QUAGLIOTTO promoted by EuropeanStrawBaleGathering 2017 in 2017. It is located in Caino Italy in an old town setting. Its scale is medium. Key material is wood.

The intention is to investigate and experiment the draw of the wall in straw, which with its mass and materiality does not only characterize the exterior, but enriches the interior environment defined by a sequence of ambients. You can read sit on an armchair, write near the window, or stay together around a table.

Through this plan you can read this story. The wall line defines these ambients. Architecture embraces and suggests an action, shaping itself to hold in the human body. And another important element: the window, which along with the wall reveals the qualities of a building. The window that suggests to look at the landscape, showing it like a painting, the window that brings light, the «furnished window».

So we can bring with us the teachings of Gio Ponti, but also Louis Kahn and Le Corbusier. These references are revealed so that it is possible to have an honest reading of the proposal. Only in this way, straw will really be seen as a material that is able to support debates on architecture themes. And thanks to its lightness it would be possible to self-build easily this building, with own friends or kids. In this way we could give at this building, a plus value. Something built with own hands.

And if we thinking of straw as a material to build grafts on the existing one? Lightweight grafts, thanks to the lightness of the material, easy to carry on site, can be adopted in this kind of work. Considering this proposal, consisting of a wooden structure, wall and roof in straw, we could also study the reaction to an earthquake. So the spontaneously question is : can this technique make an improvement in buildings placed in cities characterized by frequent earthquakes?

With this project it was been possible explore the straw wall that can support all the researches that have been developed on the wall as an architectural element capable of dividing, combining and gathering different spaces within its form.

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