Castle Resort

The Roccamandolfi ruins lies upon the top of the mountain inhabited by time and linked directly with touch and visual landscapes. Thus, the ruin is a time capsule that, an atmospheric entity that is associated with history and context. The castle is an unconditional part of the town and they merge physically together trough a path that has been marked by walkers over time. The castle is a reference point for the visitor, it’s a must do stop for traveling and observation. The path can be translated into a timeless line that is always continuous, it never gets old nor it transforms trough time. It lives trough past present and future. The proposed line is a spatial and temporal construction that seeks to interpose over the existing geography.

Just as time do not affect a timeline, the proposed path stops being soil and turns into metal. The metal doesn’t change; it’s meant to keep itself intact. The path is made in a metal plate that pretends to evidence the trace of time over the space. The module appears as a necessity to show the passing of time. The module itself has the need to grow old, to deteriorate and to turn into ruin. The soil around the site gives the constructive solution. The module is built trough a system of thick walls in stepped soil that are contained only by a metal net. The stepped soil has no special treatment. It tends to deteriorate and to crumble with the natural environment. The metal net stays as a ruin, a virtual construction of what had been inhabited. The module has different stages. It is built, it gets inhabited, it turns into ruin and it transforms into landscape. Whenever you can no longer inhabit one must then contemplate.

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