Central Mosque Pristine
Architects: David Bravo, Carmen Cabrer, Alfonso Comas, Marta Jiménez, Aina Traverso
Status: Competition (2013)
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 42.000 ㎡ Large
Types: Mosque, Religious

The mosque has been designed in order to achieve the symbolic expression of the Islamic identity and the values of the Islamic traditional architecture and to reflect the modernity of the society in the city of Pristine.

All the traditional elements of a mosque (Portico, Mahfil, prayer hall,  Kiblah, Dome and Minaret) are present in the design, having been interpreted to configure a contemporary architecture design which will stand on the time.

The design consists of a monumental volume, visible from afar to create a landmark in the city, which contains the mosque itself and a base, which supports this volume and  responds functionally to the program related to the cultural center and commercial areas. The natural slope of the plot and the terraced configuration  of the project allow to perceive the main volume of the Mosque as an unique and independent building from the Boulevard while the base is not noticed from this point.

The volume of the mosque has a schema with a classic geometric basis based on the kiblah guideline and is topped by a dome with an innovative design that creates an overwhelming atmosphere where not only is a place for religion but for the meeting.

This principal volume has been generated from the Kiblah wall and the prayer hall behind it, since the entrance must be on the opposite side of the Kiblah wall.  This allow us to free up as a green area  the south east corner and emphasize the importance of the Kiblah.

Based on the fact that it will be the city’s main mosque, the minaret position is intended to highlight the allocation of the mosque making it visible from along the boulevard and the skyline of the city and remarking the direction of the principal entrance to it.

Interiorly the prayer hall has been created as a great unified space with natural light coming from the roof, made of a sequence of timber beams which at the same time configure the dome and makes the light come into the prayer hall in a dramatic way inviting to the meditation.

The interior design makes clear reference to the classic Ottoman architecture and ornamentation, with traditional Islamic latticework, wooden paneling and classical hanging lamps.

Competition: Central Mosque Pristine | Post date: 29/09/2013 | Views: 4.916