Cityplot Buiksloterham
Architects: DELVA Landscape Architects, Studioninedots
Status: Project (2014)
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 40.000 ㎡ Large
Types: Masterplan, Public space, Refurbishment

Cityplot Buiksloterham 

Studioninedots and DELVA Landscape Architects present the dynamic masterplan for Buiksloterham in Amsterdam, commissioned by housing association de Alliantie. Through an innovative landscape-, urban- and social development strategy the terrains of Nedcoat and Air Products in the former industrial port of Buiksloterham, will be transformed into a vibrant new city district. The dynamic masterplan forms the foundation for future developments. In this area approximately 550 houses and at least 4000 m2 of work-units and catering are realized.

Dynamic masterplan

Despite its proximity to the center of Amsterdam and being on ‘the sunny side of the IJ river’, traditional development towards a mixed residential area hasn’t proved successful in this area. De Alliantie chooses not to develop in a traditional way, but with the concept of ‘Cityplot’, developed by Studioninedots. Together with DELVA Landscape Architects, this concept has progressed into a plan that relates to the challenging context of Buiksloterham, with the dynamic masterplan as a result. Cityplot Buiksloterham is a contemporary approach to urbanization in which individual and collective self-building initiatives, social housing, and mixed  typologies are combined to create a lively part of the city. A development based on a dynamic process that anticipates the wishes and requirements of time. Along with the spatial department of the municipality of Amsterdam, the local waterboard and future residents it pushes forward an innovative form of urban development.

Joining forces

Already at the start of the crisis the first self- building projects were showing up in Buiksloterham. Individual developments that seemed to avoid everything that was collective. Cityplot Buiksloterham embraces this pioneer mentality and through this achieves a shared social, economic and spatial value. It stimulates collaborations within a dynamic environment, while respecting one’s individuality in order to achieve a vibrant part of Amsterdam. Combining initiatives, implementation and maintenance, results in highly motivated groups that organize themselves. The development process is based on collectivity, is informal and dynamic, and leaves space for experiments.

Urban activators

Cityplot strives for a sustainable environment that entices people to remain in the area itself for work and recreation.

Development of the site starts around work- and meeting spaces, so called ‘urban activators’. These activators are creative hotspots that generate innovation in the field of construction and energy. These methods and systems can directly be implemented in the development of houses and the neighborhood. Urban activators grow to become fixed values in the area rather than being temporary initiatives. Right from the beginning they will contribute to a socially and economically valuable area. Cityplot seeks connection with the ‘Arts and Crafts’ in the neighborhood. Young innovative ‘one-man-companies’ have much interest in the location. Their involvement and their many partnerships stimulate meeting places in the area.

Cityplot concept 

The Cityplot concept is based on an ideal plot size of 100×100 meters. The generous dimensions appear to be the key to flexibility and diversity. This size building block not only provides the ability to vary with a large number of building typologies, but also creates the opportunity for the building block to be oriented towards the street as well as it’s inner courtyard. The frames of different plots for small-scale development make it a flexible and durable plot that is tolerant to change. Car parking is disconnected from the buildings and takes place in collective buildings for cars, bicycles and power supply. Cityplots Buiksloterham is not a traditional plan with a fixed image we strive for but it creates conditions. The parceling as described here is therefore only a preview. The Cityplots will anticipate to the changing wishes and requirements in time.

Collaborator: Studioninedots | Post date: 15/05/2014 | Views: 6.515