Climate Crisis Art Installation
Architect: Space Travellers
Client: The Good Plastic Company
Status: Project (2020)
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Coordinates: 52.3746944,4.900583
Climate: Oceanic / maritime, Temperate
Material: Polycarbonate
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: NUBE Architetture
Budget: 4.500 €
Scale: 35 ㎡ Extrasmall
Ratio: 128,57 €/㎡
Types: Cultural, Pavilion

Outrageous, experimental and kinetic.

“As a product of the human mind, I’ve been brought to light because of your deepest fears. Fears that, despite they are screaming out loud inside your hearts, you try to ignore as you are ignoring the signals of the perils unfolding around you. I am son of the climate breakdown and I am here to force you to open your eyes on the even greater perils that are waiting for you along the road. I am standing among you: a gallery of awareness as narrow as the possibilities that have remained to you to try to get out of this situation. I am the bottleneck that you are so scared of.

I am the reminder of the inextricable grid of vices that you perpetrate so diligently inside this “hyper” society: look at me, read the message that I carry onto my skin, tore me apart and bring a piece of me with you. I want you to remember every second of every hour of every day of your life that you are consuming your future as you are consuming the planet. You are not here to save the Earth, because the Earth will be perfectly fine without you.

You are here to save yourself and to save the generations to come and not from this chaos but from the ugly beast that is so deeply nested into your heart. You are trying to save yourself from what has brought us here: your greed.”

The Exhibition Gallery

The interior part of the Hypergreed pavilion is a narrow exhibition gallery that hosts pictures, photographs and printed graphics that explain in detail the climate breakdown that we are facing. This claustrophobic space is a metaphor of the deep danger that we are facing as a species and act as a catalyst for the fear that everyone of us should feel when we think about this gloomy situation.

The Kinetic Façade

The whole wooden structure is covered by tiles made out of an a 100% recycled plastic material. The surface of each tile is engraved with the word “greed”. With a reversible joint detail, the tiles can be removed by the visitors that are able to bring it home as a reminder of what is driving the climate breakdown: human greed. The cost of this possibly is high: if every visitor takes its tile, the pavilion will soon out of it, spoiling the experience of the visitors to come. What people will chose? To be greedy or to preserve the pavilion for its future purposes?

Team: Matteo Arietti, Andrea Bulloni | Consultant: Ilaria Belotti | Post date: 24/01/2020 | Views: 2.749