Connected blocks is a proposal by ADEPT promoted by Municipality of Täby in 2010. It is located in Täby Sweden in an urban setting. Its scale is extralarge. Luxigon collaborated as visualizer.

The municipality of Täby close to Stockholm has a strong vision for the future, which includes attracting more residents, creating a condensation of housing to obtain greater urbanity in selected areas and retaining half of the city of Täby ”green”. Taby Trädgårdar is a vision for the future suburb, which combines living qualities of a house with a character-full and eventful green structure. A district where the green areas can be quiet without a feeling of desolation, Täby Trädgårdar is a dense and low structure with sustainability and habitat in focus. It is a structure that avoids the separation of functions, which normally makes modern cities dull, and the infrastructure is therefore not a controlling element.

Several green yards provide a framework for the new district. A clear identity is formed by eclectic outdoor spaces. The spaces – both of public and private character – are created with the intention to combine green community-living qualities with the convenient attributes of an urban environment; wide-ranging options of public transport and services. This flexible structure will adapt to all known and future challenges and accentuates the area’s potential. In Täby Trädgårdar sustainability is an underlying factor. Based on a holistic sustainable lifestyle that combines social, economic and environmental sustainability, a comprehensive strategy that creates a future development strategy for the area is created.

0438-ADE-SE-2010 — Posted in 2012 — Explore more projects on housing masterplan public space and residential — Climate: oceanic / maritime and temperate — Collaborator: Sla, Tom Nielsen, Cowi — Views: 2.611