Conversion of former Discalced Carmelite Convent Lecce
Architect: AFSa
Client: Agenzia per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario
Status: Competition (2022)
Clasification: 4 prize
Location: Lecce, Italy
Coordinates: 40.351555, 18.167228
Climate: Temperate, Mediterranean
Materials: Stone, Plaster, Wood
Environment: Old town
Visualizer: Marco Petretti
Budget: 6.450.000 €
Scale: 4.100 ㎡ Medium
Ratio: 1.573,17 €/㎡
Types: Refurbishment, Residence, Residential

In compliance with the program and the consistency of the building, the project is organized according to an increasing level of privacy: at ground floor level, public and collective functions; on the upper floor, the spaces belonging exclusively to the students.

The functions follow the original distribution system consolidated over time and respect the spatial configuration of the rooms, avoiding affecting the vaulted ceiling. The considerable height of the rooms allows for mezzanines and duplex apartments for residential use.

The demolition works are limited to the 20th century poor additions. The new interventions are the new volume facing the cloister, and the external staircase / lift in the courtyard. In the cloister, the rhytmh of the openings of the reconstructed facade, compared to what was once the terrace above the loggia, repeats the one of the below portico and recall the measure of the pre-existing windows.

Tha architectural material palette is entrusted by traditional lime plaster, Lecce stone and burnished brass.

Team: Pietro Seghi Antonio Acocella | Collaborator: Clemente Nativi, Francesco Martella | Consultant: CONSILIUM (Leonardo D'Inzeo); Terra e Opere (Gabriele Paolini); Stefano Landi Video; Lapo Tirelli | Structural engineer: aei progetti (Niccolò De Robertis) | Post date: 06/09/2022 | Views: 1.705