Daegu Gosan Public Library
Architect: Tapia + Figueiras Arquitectos
Status: Competition (2012)
Clasification: Honour mention
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Medium
Types: Education, Library


We try to be as little invasive as possible in the image of the park, so our building emerges from the ground like a telluric movement. It starts from the park ground to take the highest point towards the northern of the area. Our objective with this image of the building is to create a symbiotic relation between him and the park. Even, the last one will inundate the plot in basement floor to generate a “patio” to illuminate and create pleasant views to the interior rooms of the building. The library will emerge from a clear and vigorous expression that, in some ways, will be even independent of the own characteristics of the ground. In this way it achieves a relation of constant feedback between both (building and park) which is generated by the contrast of formal different characteristics of both.

The building

The design is based on the creation of a basement with two heights (basement floor and ground floor) where de most public areas of the building are located. Its green roof will serve as a new park for the community with a similar street level. From that basis, in the northern part of the plot the building is based on the creation of two high linked volumes (24 m. Maximum, respecting rules of buildable area) perfectly recognizable thanks to its great glassed façades on the north side. They are home to of the main spaces of the building ie the open user spaces. The parts of the building of greater level and surface are those that correspond to library collection rooms and main lounge.
Reading areas will be open to the north side so readers have the best views of the park and great avenue and also enjoy a more controlled light that avoid glare when they are reading. Public area are those that are created closer to the ground and also have more directly relationship with the park, better lighting and a more human scale .

Competition: Daegu Gosan Public Library | Team: Marco Tapia López, Carmen Figueiras Lorenzo | Post date: 07/11/2012 | Views: 4.054