Dalseong citizen’s gymnasium
Architect: Javier Mosquera González
Status: Competition (2014)
Clasification: 2 prize
Visualizer: Studio
Budget: 10.000.000 €
Scale: 4.435 ㎡ Large
Ratio: 2.254,79 €/㎡
Types: Pavilion, Sport

Gymnasium = Gymnasion

In ancient Greece, the Gymnasion was used to practice exercise, as a public bath, as a center for studies and as a common place for philosophers. The main idea of this project is to create a meeting place for the  citizens. The building is configures into several exterior and interior areas where coexistence happens in a natural way. The project is divided into three parts, the first one, exterior, with a horizontal area ready to hold open air events. The second one defined as daily sports facilities, and the third one understood as the multipurpose gymnasium and spectators area, conceived as an area around the courts and directly linked to the park on the east side of the plot. The last part is the area with the common facilities such as dressing rooms, cafeteria and offices, all of them organized around those three main areas, ensuring the proper functioning of the building.

A new horizontal plane, two heights of the project

The hilly terrain of the plot must be reorganized to improve the accesses to the new building, as well as to give the citizens public spaces with enough quality to be used by them. By moving the ground, a new horizontal area at +30.00 is created and it defines the main access to the gymnasium. At the same time, and thanks to the section proposed, the link with the east wooded area allows a fast evacuation of the whole building at +34.00. By doing this, the building solves its relation to the ground and the accesses at the different levels of the plot.

Accesses from the city

The main link to the city is made from the south art of the plot at +30.00 where the new horizontal plane and the Street match. In the middle point of the street at +27.00, there are some stairs and a ramp to reach that new plane. In the north part of the plot, besides the parking access at +24.00, there are some stairs to get to the intermediate level before stated. Emergency and service vehicles can access from the south or enter the parking from the north. The link with the new Dalseong Sports Complex Park is made by a bridge and an elevator. These multiple accesses try to boost the use of this public building in the city, and to create a link to the new sports complex in the north.

An underground parking lot, an open space for the city

Not making an open air parking lets the creation of a horizontal plane in front of the building ready to be used whenever the citizens desire, to practice sports or just to be relaxed far from the traffic of the street near the plot. By putting some trees in the south part of the plot the project defines its limits but at the same time it is connected to the wooden east area. This means, the gymnasium is not a closed building but also it is opened to the exterior, increasing its qualities as a meeting point for the city. With this simple action, what was before a building with two sports area, it becomes into three meeting places based on sports.

Building and sustainability

The proposed building materials for the new gymnasium, try to show the building as a reference point in the city due to its quality and warmth. Creating a cozy space is a key fact to make people want to go to the gymnasium. Concrete, metal plates and wood. The proposed construction systems assure a fast and efficient way to build the project. The sustainability of the building is reached from the first step of positioning the building in the right part of the plot. The facing of every area, with its right exposure to the sun and natural ventilation, the green roof, the skylights in the multipurpose area, as well as the interior height well-adjusted according to every useful area reducing the inner volume to be heated, all these actions improve the performance of the technical facilities and its final amount of energy consumption.

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