Everybody’s house
Architects: Leart Miftari, Adonis Rexhepi, Blerim Bajraliu, Arber Sadiku
Client: Kaira Looro
Status: Competition (2018)
Location: Sedhiuo, Senegal
Climate: Hot, Tropical
Materials: Brick, Wood
Environment: Undeveloped
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 500 ㎡ Small
Types: Education, School

The cultural center is created around the concept of simplicity, where that is achieved by symmetry and repetition being a binomial state. The building is stretched horizontally in order to fit as much as possible with the usual constructions in Senegal, this object softly treats the relationship between architecture and public space.

The whole building grows up by repetition of one single element constructed by bamboo. This open frame construction elements can be constructed extensively in the ground and then just raised to verticality, which directly contribute to make realization of the project very simple and very efficient regarding to the time spent to produce them.

There’s no main entry in the building. People are free to access all spaces of the building directly from outside. This approach brings the building more to the public, especially in the society when this kind of activities usually take place outdoors. On both sides, the object is bordered to the classrooms while in the central part of it is the common area, where different events can take place. The lantern improvised by reuse plastic bottles with different colors, brings the natural light in the center of the common space in vary spiritual sense by creating a warm atmosphere.

The building claims to provide quality spaces where various activities of the community can take place by being very much focused in respecting of local habits and in the way of their living.

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