Everything All on Track is a winning proposal by Supra-Simplicities developed in 2022. Unrevealed location. Its scale is small with a surface of 144 sqm. Key materials are glass and metal.

«Everything All on Track» is modular house that depict a roomless structure system, embracing and maximize the flexibility and movability of domestic living. There is no static accumulation of rooms, but merely a dynamic and changeable open zone full of “domestic units and events.” Everything is all on track system: No bedroom except beds; no dining room except dining; no bathroom except bath; no study room except study; no living room except all the elements that build up the feeling and quality of living. It’s a big open space awaiting occupants to define its characteristics and functions.

1773-SUP-UND-2022 — Posted in 2022 — Explore more projects on house and residential — Team: Han Kuo — Views: 1.957