Ex Angelo-Mai Garden
Architects: baukuh, Supervoid Architects, RSL Landscape
Client: Comune di Roma
Status: Competition (2021)
Location: Rome, Italy
Coordinates: 41.8957519, 12.4907002
Climate: Temperate, Mediterranean
Materials: Concrete, Vegetal
Environment: Old town
Visualizer: Alessandro Rossi
Scale: 500 ㎡ Small
Types: Cultural, Cultural center

The new garden via Clementina is a large open-air green room, defined on the edges by a row of holm oaks. The room has an elongated shape (measuring approximately 55x15m), with slightly curved walls that adapt to the complex geography of the lot. This clearly defined open space extends along the entire length of the lot and is accessible by two ski lifts on its short sides, which connect it with the city. The space is crossed transversely by the visual axis that connects the entrance to the Angelo Mai school courtyard and the monument to S. Giuseppe Labre. The edges of the room are defined by a topiata espalier the volume of the vegetation, trimmed geometrically: it is suspended on a 2.5 m log deck that permeates green shading and at the same time allows accessibility and visual lability on the garden. Inside the green room, there are all the elements that animate it: the terrace of the new bar, the play area, the monument to San Giuseppe Labre, and the new fountain. Scattered among these, thirty iron chairs can be used to sit, allow you to read, talk, and doze.

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