Fort de Loyasse
Architect: Florian Reynaud
Client: Unknown
Status: Academic Project (2017)
Location: Lyon, France
Coordinates: 45.7658029,4.8095122
Climate: Continental, Temperate
Materials: Brick, Concrete
Environments: Old town, Mountain
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Large
Types: Cultural, Cultural center, Hotel, Residential

The Fort of Loyasse is part of an old fortified belt defending the city of Lyon in the early nineteenth century. Today abandoned, the Fort offers a breathtaking view of Gorge-de-Loup and the Saone. This is his major asset that I chose to capitalize on. As part of this last year of studies, I proposed a program around wine tourism, strengthening the Fort of Loyasse as a unique destination in Lyon.

It consists of training areas or «school of wine», a restaurant, a hotel, a spa using the benefits of wine therapy and many cellars in the underground of the fort. The different elements of the program take place according to the original volumetry of the fort, affirming the horizontality of the defensive side to the west and the verticality of the buildings facing the city to the east. In order to apprehend the project and the existing as a whole, the new constructions are made of solid bricks, subtly separating the remaining parts of the golden stone fort.

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