Grande MAXXI
Architect: GICO studio
Client: MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Arts
Status: Competition (2022)
Location: Rome, Italy
Coordinates: 41.9287399, 12.4682504
Climate: Temperate, Mediterranean
Materials: Concrete, Glass
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Alessandro Rossi
Budget: 14.200.000 €
Scale: 3.535 ㎡ Medium
Ratio: 4.016,97 €/㎡
Types: Education, Research center

Flaminio neighborhood is composed by a geometrically heterogeneous composition of massive blocks defined by a series of non-orthogonal axis. The proposal for the expansion of MAXXI museum, by recalling some of the triangular blocks of the Flaminio, opens up the mass of the new building to a continuous green corridor that connects it with the adjacent church and finally with Via Guido Reni. The brief was asking for a 2 or 3 story building with a green rooftop terrace. We proposed on the other hand 2 different terraces at different levels, one mineral above and one green below, connected more closely to the surrounding landscape.

The building is crowned by a technological stripe working for multiple purpose. On the east side is made of a solar thermal system with a daylong sun exposition that supports the energy supply for MEPs. On the north and west sides it is composed by a large low-res screen made of LED dots in plexiglass tubes. It works as a device for communication or digital art exhibition. It could be used also to live-show some internal activities of the building, such as the restoration of a contemporary art piece. The stripe ultimately defines a perimeter inside which the building could grow in height, giving the opportunity to adapt its spaces to the continuously changing needs of a contemporary museum.

Finally the landscape around is designed to define a series of glades excavated out of a relatively dense mass of vegetation to host multiple kind of outdoor activities both related to the museum or to the public life of the neighborhood.

Competition: MAXXI Hub | Team: Giovanni Cozzani, Elena Sofia Congiu, Flaminia Iacobini, Adriana Pla Lopez | Consultant: caarpa Architettura Paesaggio, Giovanni Glorialanza | Post date: 22/09/2022 | Views: 1.064