Architect: Local
Client: Unknown
Status: Project On going
Location: Bergen, Norway
Coordinates: 60.3565933, 5.1287726
Climate: Temperate, Oceanic / maritime
Materials: Vegetal, Wood
Environment: Undefined
Visualizer: Nrml.Studio
Scale: 1.000 ㎡ Medium
Types: Parking, Transport

«a new mobility experience that inspires new sustainable habits».

Greenstation is a company working on developing the energy station with functionality and usability in mind. Greenstation vision is to create a new mobility experience that inspires new sustainable habits. This will be the precondition for accelerating the transition to an emissions free society and complying with the transport policy goals by 2025.

LOCAL has been working in close collaboration with them to develop the energy station of the future. The project is based on a 100% wooden canopy that can be implemented at different scales from 2 charging points up until 24. We are not building a roof but a landscape where the elements together create a dynamic and welcoming environment. The top is either planted soil of wild local vegetation or sedum with the alternative to also provide solar panels.

The floorscape of the station is playing a central role as an urban carpet that blends functional mobility with qualitative landscape. The central clearing in the middle of the station becomes a meeting place for stretching, breathing in a vegetation that celebrates local specifies.

Technical elements are blending with added value functions so that batteries are integrated with vending machine for local food producer, pick point for post-delivery, storage for free-to-use items in connection to digital map showcasing local hikes and place of interest within a 15min walking radius, as well as water point, toilets, and recycling point.

Greenstation is also pioneering the provision of hydrogen fuel and the station modular system also integrates charging point for heavy truck with the same ambition to provide inspiring places wherever they are implemented. By utilizing new technology and innovation, we are developing a new concept where you can seamlessly charge electric cars and fill hydrogen at the same station. Greenstation will also offer our customers a meaningful break where you gain access to services and other facilities with a green footprint.

Team: Elida Mosquera, Jerome Picard, Miriam Sharp Pierson, Aleksandra Ivashkevich, Victorine Lalire, Silje Lockert, Celia Rodriguez, Cristina Fernández | Consultant: NODE, SWECO | Post date: 11/05/2022 | Views: 2.196