Growing House
Architect: Fala
Status: Competition (2012)
Clasification: Finalist
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Small
Types: Microarchitecture, Study

A large tree, before becoming tall and strong, begins small and fragile. It keeps growing year after year, adapting to all the challenges. More than resistance, large trees are the ultimate example of adaptation and growth.

Just as a tree grows, a house also can. This blooming capacity is the essential feature that we want to instill in this dwelling.

The life and journey of each tree is marked on its trunk through rings. Each one corresponds to a stage of its existence. Starting as something small, even temporary, the house grows depending on the aims and needs of its inhabitants. Each constructed ring may represent one more phase: more space, more features, more people. Grows and evolves together with its inhabitants, with the possibility of relation with other trees.

It explores the ability of mutation and expansion, as the trees are adapting to the new conditions that surround them.

Team: Filipe Magalhães, Ana Luisa Soares | Post date: 12/02/2013 | Views: 8.112