House 94 is a proposal by developed in 2023. Unrevealed location. Its scale is small with a surface of 150 sqm. Key material is wood. Delightfull studio collaborated as visualizer.

In the case of this house, we were faced with the challenging task of designing the facade, exterior elements, and landscaping of an already existing building. The form of the structure imposed certain limitations on us, but it allowed us to focus solely on the character of the building and the relationship of materials with the natural surroundings. The predominant material chosen for the facade is dark wood in various configurations: flat planks on the ground floor and louvered slats on parts of the attic. Complementary elements such as balustrades, finishes, window recesses, and sills are also black. The monochromatic color scheme lends a cohesive character to the whole. The base of the house consists of a concrete plinth and newly designed monolithic entrance stairs and terraces. The natural hue of the concrete seamlessly connects the house with its surroundings. The proposed flowing and almost wild forms of paths and flower beds contrast with the distinctive silhouette and subtly guide the user towards the relaxation space with a fireplace at the rear of the house.

3218-TUS-UND-2023 — Posted in 2024 — Explore more projects on house and residential — Team: Magda Sawicka, Aneta Roguszczak — Views: 276