• House and atelier among the foothills of Buda

  • 2605-GHA-HU-2018
  • by Gubahámori

This house was designed for a lady with her dog, called Sushi, and her son, who paints in rural Hungary.

The curved shape creates two separated gardens on the plot: an entrace and a back garden, that are connected through the living room.


architect: Gubahámori  |  team: Sándor Guba, Péter Hámori, Balázs Besenyei, Szilvia Beke-Tóth  |  client: Private  |  status: Project (2018)  |  location: Undefined  |  climate: Continental, Temperate  |  material: undefined  |  environment: Undefined  |  visualizer: Studio  |  scale: small  |  types: house, residential  |  views: 2.101