Hungarian Museum of Architecture and the Fotomuzem
Architect: VIAR estudio
Client: Musuem of Fine Arts Budapest
Status: Competition (2014)
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Coordinates: 47.510274, 19.087011
Climate: Continental, Temperate
Materials: Concrete, Glass, Metal
Environments: Urban, Park
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Large
Types: Cultural

The main targets of the Project are:

– Create an interesting offer to the visitors by means of a promenade thru different spaces and natural lighting,
– Provide the city with a suitable landmark

Consequently we´ll describe the main lines of both Museums, which actually are one. The main spaces are: the entrance hall plus sequence up to the exhibition rooms and the exhibition rooms themselves. We´ll describe the route as in fact we experience it, walking.

Firstly we enter at the great hall by the main square. We´ll come across the great skylight: a huge vacuum created by a cylinder and two rectangles. On the left the information desk, cloakroom, ticketing and audioguide. On the right the museums shop. We´ll be compulsorily situated under the white light of the cylinder, the sharp edge form, the light and the shadow above us. This is the most spectacular spot of the project, the reference point from which we´ll start our route. In front of us, the large window and the patio-garden at the end. The patio-garden and the colour obtained from the plants are a special feature of this space. Lungs for this area. Turning to our back we´ll find the great staircase divided in two. Latter up in the first floor we may choose our option: permanent, semi-permanent or temporary exhibitions.

Secondly we can imagine how the exhibition rooms will be. The intention is to provide the museum with neutral spaces for the exhibition, letting many options for the exhibition disposal or arrangement. Because of this, both walls and floors and ceilings will be pale white, looking for an opal atmosphere where the objects displayed (photos and architectural artifacts) will be emphasised.

Finally, on the 2nd floor we have some spaces and a roof garden. The roof-garden is an important plot on the compound, a place into the building to stay, to walk and to learn. The museum learning is basically focused to the park.

Competition: Hungarian Museum of Architecture and the Fotomuzem | Team: Iñigo de Viar | Collaborator: Sara Navazo, Edorta Larizgoitia | Post date: 10/12/2015 | Views: 4.364