Inhabiting the wall. Discovering a garden is a winning proposal by Manuel Martínez-Carrasco Vallecillo and Carlos Soria Vallecillo for Opengap in 2018. It is located in Granada Spain in an old town and urban setting. Its scale is large. Key material is concrete.

The place.
Inhabiting the wall.
Discovering a garden.

It is the recovery of a historical vacuum located in the Albaicin of Granada, a neighborhood of medieval origin located in front of the Alhambra, whose origin corresponds to the first settlement of the city of Nazarí (Alcazaba Cadima). A place currently unused and closed to the city, with archaeological remains and a set of fragmented gardens. This space, of high historical and scenic value is one of the most singular places of the Albaicín due to the presence of the medieval wall and the proximity of different spaces and monasteries.
Inhabiting the wall.

The project emerges as a wall that takes on a thickness and redraws the edges of this historic void by opening it to the city. «A wall that encloses and protects the garden of looks». It insinuates, provoking a desire in the walker through this wall to discover what it hides inside through doors, windows, passages and viewpoints. The wall reaches minimum thickness equipping each fragmented garden. Interacting artist and garden. Coexisting nature and art.

2213-MMC-GRX.ES-2018 — Posted in 2018 — Explore more projects on intervention and public space — Climate: mediterranean and temperate — Views: 7.189