Architect: Nicole Gaia
Client: Unknown
Status: Academic
Location: Milan, Italy
Coordinates: 45.470833, 9.188744
Climate: Humid subtropical, Temperate
Material: Undefined
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 3.250 ㎡ Medium
Types: Cultural, Museum, Refurbishment

Interferenza wants to be a new typology system in order to combine the Academic reality with the museum.

The project is located in the Brera area, that is a system composed by various elements and institutions, such as Accademia di Brera, Pinacoteca di Brera, Orto Botanico, Palazzo Citterio, Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense, Istituto Lombardo di Scienze e Lettere and Osservatorio e Museo Astronomico. This is a strong organism in which Accademia di Brera is the nevralgic center since it can be considered as the maximum expression of art and culture.

Interferenza is trying to be an element of union and strenght in which students can find a new kind of space that can be suitable for their necessities.

The first step was looking for main characterizing axis of the area in order to draw the important lines of the project. Then, they have been traduced in an exhibition itinerary composed by cover passages and expositive stairs that reach the roof of Brera Building. Visitors and students have the opportunity to be inserted in an artistic atmosphere and enjoy the beauty of this area.

These passages have double functions: the first one is to connect the different elements that we can find in this area, and the second one is to show the artistic values of Brera. That means there are artistic moments everywhere.

Moreover stairs allow to strengthen the connection between Osservatorio Astronomico and what happens on the groundfloor.

The second element of the project is the building. It is formally described as a absolute, pure, regular, fundamental shape: a cube. Its modularity is an important element for what concerns the composition of the new elements that have been inserted in the area since they all have been generated by the same module: 5x5x5 m.

The building looks as a regular volume, where the facades remind of the stairs structure and reveals itself for what it is: a shape with 6 sides that denounces his existence and wants to be seen.

This minimalism and essential nature are compared to the dinamism that characterizes the inner space which is determinated by a sphere.

The sphere is a symbol, it symbolizes the meeting among the arts and wants to describe the concept of Interferenza: that means an endless artistic connection where exhibition and teaching live together and inspire each oter. The sphere is used to create an inifnity room where it is possible to live an immersive artistic experience.

For what concerns the didactic function, it is located freely on each floor without a rigid spacial system. There is a free spatial organisation that denies the zooning that always characterizes teaching areas and limits the expression of the artists in the building.

In the end, Interferenza is an organism inserted in a heterogeneous system that wants to underline the importance of connection and collaboration. The project denounces the functional and spacial hierarchization in order to support freedom and personal expression.

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