Kanine Castle Regeneration Vlore
Architect: Denis Muca
Client: Unknown
Status: Competition (2016)
Location: Vlorë, Albania
Coordinates: 40.4444703, 19.5207703
Climate: Mediterranean, Temperate
Materials: Metal, Stone
Environments: Forest, Mountain, Old town
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Large
Types: Intervention, Landscape, Observatory

Mountain fortress of Kanina, oriented up in the skies, is located in a rocky massif and has a triangular form. The perimeter of this object is 3000 feet. Being surrounded from cliffs and abyss full of rocks, for the fortress wasn’t necessary to have a gap.

Inside it are 300 qargjir houses covered on tiles. Sultan Mehmet built on this fortress a mosque covered on tiles as well, with a beautiful minaret. Adjacent to the mosque is the palace of Gani Sinan Bashaw. From this fortress we can see the Vlora field, Adriatic Sea, Korfu even 150miles away, Vlora and Dukati bays, Progonat and many castles near the site. Fortress of Kanina has 3 gates, one of which stays in front of Kibla and connects the stronghold with Varoshin the side of fortress. The second gate is on the west side and is connected with Vlora road. Third gate located in the south connects with Varoshiivogël, and near of this gate is the inner fortress with an entry from the east.

Up to the gate in the west you can easily read inscription according to which this fortress is built from Sultan Sulejman and in the end is written the year of the inauguration. Streets on this fortress are not flat, but ascent and stream. Inside the fortress you can find a market and a hostel.

Varosh, south of fortress, counts 300 qargjir houses, both of them in 2 levels covered on tiles. The market in this village is invisible, but you can easily recognisethe mosque of Gazi Sinan Bashaw with a high minaret. Here lies a bektashi masjid which is the grave of Gazi Sinan Bashaw and his relatives.  May God bless them.

Kanina has 400 soliders and the Dizdar, that get paid from the officer of Vlora. Half of the effective of this fortress traveled to Manie. We went down and half hour we entered in the fortress of Vlora.

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