Kirke i Sydhavnen is a proposal by NOMO Studio promoted by Parish Council of Copenhagen in 2016. It is located in Copenhagen Denmark in a seaside and urban setting. Its scale is medium with a surface of 3.050 sqm. Key materials are concrete and vegetal. Review the other 3 proposals from the same competition.

The church is located in Sydhavnen, Copenhagen, a new planned area for 20.000 people. The location of the church has a prominent position just next to the water, with unique possibilities to enter the church both from land and sea.

”The vision has been clear, to create a modern church that combines tradition and futurism. The church has to reflect an open and modern society and should be working as a centre for faith and culture with an idea of working as a multidimensional church, with space for social and cultural activities, open 24-7.” says the co-founder Karl Johan Nyqvist.

A lot of efforts have been made to find the balance between tradition and modernity, between to fit in and at the same time reveal its function with simple gestures and clear symbols of it being a church. The church has been designed with a surprisingly changing perspective and a unique contemporary character, which reflects the identity. It seems unique from all points of view, like a geometric sculpture that has been inspired by old traditional churches.

The roof is accessible from the plaza in front of the church and can be used for many activities related to the church, such as outdoor weddings, meditation classes, concerts etc. But also, work as a vertical park for people who just want climb up and take part of the view over the water.

1865-NOM-CPH.DK-2016 — Posted in 2017 — Explore more projects on church and religious — Climate: temperate and oceanic / maritime — Coordinates: 55.652930, 12.553402 — Team: Alicia Casals, Karl Johan Nyqvist, Mira Botseva, Santa Freimane — Views: 5.932