Kivik Art Centre
Architect: Robert Janson
Status: Research
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Small
Types: Camping, Housing, Residential

Kivik, Österlen in the southern part of Sweden.

10 living units composed into a village, oriented in this way for uninterrupted views from the loft and living room window. The small houses has an open floor plan with a ground floor of 30 m2 and a loft of 8 m2 over the kitchen and bathroom.

The houses are designed for two persons but it’s possible to house up to four persons at once thus enabling the houses to be rented out during times when the «artist stay»-program is closed. In the houses you have all the necessaries needed for both long and short visits.

The solid form and the black tar coat of the houses (old local tradition to make the wood more durable) makes the wooden boxes stand out in great contrast to the surrounding landscape. As time goes by the brut force of nature take it’s toll and slowly incorporate these manmade structures into the site. On the inside the warm color of the wood embraces you and also stands out in great contrast to the harsh climate outside.

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