Kongens Have Pavilion

Kongens Have is framed by the rhythmic elevation of houses in the Copenhagen city. It is in this context our project arises. The pavilion brings the rooftop landscape of the city into the Kongens Have. Based on a grid elements are added or removed dictating relationships and connections, and thus form the expression, composition and space of the pavilion – just as in the city.

The pavilion reveals itself by the existing Hercules Pavilion, where it is framed by trees, shrubs and the green lawn. The project acts as an extension of the existing building, at the same time the distance makes the pavilion stand its own right. Children explore the pavilion, while the parents sip coffee at the cafe. In the afternoon, there is theatre for the smallest and in the evening, there is show for the bigger. Friends hang out. Couples stroll. Play. Music. Yoga. Discussions. Meetings.

The pavilion creates space for children, space for adults, space for intimacy and space for community. Variation of head height in the pavilion dictates different experiences and connections across the pavilion. Platforms invite to stay and create a potential stage and an arena for activities to take place.

Collaborator: Benedetta Basile, Domenico Fera, Giorgia Lampognana, Tutu Trujillo, Sofi Villalba, Viviane Serafina | Model maker: Buit Taller | Post date: 26/09/2017 | Views: 7.653