Kop Zuidas

With a strong, characteristic identity REBEL is recognizable from all sides thanks to its 3D gridwork.

This framed construction offers flexibility for programming spaces in an innovative way while retaining the building’s character and coherence. The grid facilitates diverse functions, both after completion and in the future.

The framework can be filled in by adding floors and walls. However, their absence has a more powerful effect: openings, outdoor spaces and voids add liveliness for a high quality of living, working and leisure in the complex.

The ground floor is the social heart of REBEL, a meeting place, night and day, for both residents and occupants and the neighborhood.

The core of the podium shows the flexibility of the framework which is at its most open here – with cathedral-like proportions. Daylight enters the main void through the inner courtyard of the upper building, reaching even the lowest podium floor.

REBEL is constructed from honest, neutral and pure materials. The facade elements made of raw, recycled concrete indicate work and living zones; untreated larch wood frames the public areas. This combination underlines the character of REBEL’s raw shell. And the core: a lush green landscape. Plants and trees improve the work environment and acoustics in the shared internal spaces and softens the roof and layered facade of the complex.

Team: Steven Delva, Barend Mense, Rogier Hendriks, Linda Tonin, Roy Straathof | Consultant: BREEAM Outstanding | Model maker: KU+ | Post date: 06/12/2017 | Views: 24.904