La Choza
Architect: Lokuluxka Studio
Client: Arquine
Status: Competition (2022)
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Coordinates: 19.436423, -99.146073
Climate: Temperate, Oceanic / maritime
Material: Undefined
Environment: Park
Visualizer: Studio
Budget: 3.000 €
Scale: 100 ㎡ Small
Ratio: 30,00 €/㎡
Types: Cultural, Pavilion

La Choza: a pavilion, three elements, multiple spaces. A sand’s circular rug, a circular thatched and two rammed earth walls create the pavilion. The relationship between this three elements generate different perceptions of space. This proposal play with duality between the the perception of a closed enclosure and a open space. It seeks the perception of a unique space through the openings that arise from intersection between the sand rug and the walls and also from the openings that appear between the watched and the rammed earth walls. In turn, the walls themselves, their extension and the division they generate, activate the space beyond the limits of the pavilion itself.

In this way, La Choza involves the environment, generating visual tension and becoming a meeting point. When we get close to La Choza, a more intimate and slower perception of space arises, giving rise to domestic space versus public space around it. In each of the spaces that La Choza generates, a wide variety of activities can be carried out at the same time or a single activity can accommodate the entirety pavilion. In this way, La Choza will have a endless number of possibilities to perform activities like exhibitions, meetings, performances or other activities that citizens could approach spontaneously In this way, La Choza will have endless possibilities to perform activities such as exhibitions, meetings, shows or activities that arise spontaneously by citizens, such as meeting, lying on the sand, playing with it…La Choza as a generator of spaces.

The materials’ natural origins and its construction system makes it a pavilion with fast execution, reducing the environmental impact as it is made from local materials that do not generate waste and it are easy reusable. La Choza’s the rammed earth walls are 12,24 meter long and 2,50 meter high. Both the sand rug and the roof have a diameter of 7,50 meter. The structure that supports the roof is made using small diameter of steel bars. This structure could be made in part at workshop and the rest welded on site or made entirely at the workshop and moved for installation. La Choza combines the idea of a new architecture that is more respectful and efficient, as well as flexible in its spaces. Its configuration aims to create a place and activate the space wherever it is located.

Team: Daniel de Diego Barrios, Sara Enríquez Legarra | Post date: 15/12/2022 | Views: 1.250