Mali New Wing
Architect: Buda Mimarlık
Client: Mali
Status: Competition (2016)
Clasification: Honour mention
Location: Lima, Peru
Coordinates: -12.060585, -77.036949
Climate: Desert / arid, Hot
Material: Stone
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Medium
Types: Cultural, Museum, Refurbishment

Different fragments from the city, park, museum, crowded traffic and building blocks, each of them has distinctive character collides at “MALI”s new wing. Having read the brief and made research on the site, we came up with the idea of using these potentials of the site rather than bringing stranger elements to it.

Analyzing the potentials, it reveals that existing museum has its own particular architecture that represents its history, park is a place to relax and city blocks itself has its own moving – vivid lifestyle. A new place for museum between different identities must be relatively silent to its existing environment. The design uses all its efforts to be “native” as much as possible both as an architectural element and as an emerging urban fabric.

To achieve the desire to remain silent, programmed spaces are placed under the existing park level. This brings along several outcomes such as not standing between characteristic façade of the site and extending the urban area for residents.

One of the important concerns of the project is to connect “Dammert Park ” with “Exposition Park”. Staying below level makes this objective feasible and it addresses the city’s historical city planning. An urban corridor is emerging from the design at the level -8.50 connecting two parks which were connected in the history.

Designed new wing is a building that placed underground has entrance from the same “plaza” like existing museum. The existing plaza is enlarged and designed accordingly to serve both new and old ones.

New museum program is divided between 3 different levels. Approaching the building from the “new plaza” at level -4.50 museum and library entrances are placed along with new cafeteria. This “sub-plaza” works as a connection level of the “urban corridor” and “new plaza”.

At -8.50 level urban corridor that connects metro line has several entrances to classrooms which have their own terrace. At this level it is possible to experience outside galleries.

Finally reaching -12.50 level exhibition galleries are placed as a total space that can form according to various scenarios.

Inhabiting sub levels of the city brings more shaded areas for its users. Not to have a feeling of underground and darkness the design offers various open spaces separately placed at the project. Each open area has a functional role supporting the program such as outdoor exhibition space and area for possible workshops for the classrooms.

Remaining silent as an idea shows itself at the design approach of the landscape.
Minimum touch is planned for the park, enlarging the plaza in front of the building and adjusting walkways coherent with the new design.

This approach is likely to separate the landscape into two sides. One on the west is more gridal type of lines as having desire to be a part of new museum plaza. This gridal way of walkways repeats itself at the Dammert park. Eastern part of the site that inhabits drama school has remained almost same as it is but still connecting itself to a new design with proposed walkways.

Competition: Mali New Wing | Team: Burak Pelenk, Eda Yazkurt Pelenk, Dilara Demiralp, Damla İçyer, Tuğberk Kaan Nazlı, Kadir Berk Demirkan | Post date: 30/08/2016 | Views: 4.268