Medellin Experimental Social Housing
Architect: Carles Enrich Giménez
Status: Competition (2014)
Clasification: Honour mention
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Large
Types: Housing, Refurbishment, Residential

Redefining the public space

– Provide more permeability and public use to those courtyards that can be recovered as green spaces, as a continuity with Rio Medellin project and Parque Berrio square. Extend the pedestrian space and restrict traffic on afternoons. On weekends the streets can be full of activity and become public spaces.
– Relocate the existing tertiary in the proposed block along the detected unoccupied spaces in the ground floors of Colombia street to enhance the public activity. This operation allows to obtain cohabitation surfaces that can be used as common spaces.
– Hybridization of uses: living, producing and working in a common ground.

Guidelines for adaptable housing

– Redistribute the new dwellings through all Colombia street instead of placing them in one single spot. This operation will ensure the domestic activity as a urban activator.
– Living outdoors as a response to the climate conditions and enhancing urban and social relations. Localize and enable roof areas with light structures easily changeable. Generate favorable outdoor conditions to protect the dwellings from solar radiation.
– Fragmented dwellings: habitable modules of 30-60-90 square meters adapted to the needs of different residents with common areas to promote movement and exchange, and economizing the facilities.

Collaborator: Angel Rosales Garcia, Ada Sánchez Arcusa, Arnau Olazabal Marquet | Post date: 16/10/2014 | Views: 4.513