Mirador del Cerro Montevideo
Architects: Jorge Gambini, Pablo Frontini, Federico Bresque, Andrés Capurro, Bruna do Santos, Fernando Duarte
Client: Montevideo Quartermaster
Status: Competition (2022)
Clasification: 2 prize
Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
Coordinates: -34.886731, -56.259177
Climate: Humid subtropical, Temperate
Materials: Metal, Glass
Environments: Mountain, Park
Visualizer: Agustin Piña
Budget: 1.600.000 €
Scale: 2.065 ㎡ Medium
Ratio: 774,82 €/㎡
Types: Cultural, Mixed use

The Black Square in Campo Blanco was, for Malevich, the first expression of a non-objective sensation: the square was identical to the sensation and the white field to nothing outside of this feeling. Despite the undeniable link that unites this proposal, with the silent expressiveness of Suprematism, the vacuum in this project, is not at any time equal to the nothing; It is the place of nature, where they can occur those marvels that words cannot reach -because, difference of the paint contained in the surface of the canvas-, architecture occurs in the world, and for this reason it frames architecture life and invites freedom.

The geographical specificity of the site, and its environmental reality, social and architectural are the determinants of the project. Its abstract shapes awaken the potential of the place, fostering the emergence of a diverse reality and multiscalar, capable of integrating into an experience shared, local use value and a metropolitan sense of the environment and landscape.

The landscape that the project proposes, intends to be an impulse of the natural conditions of the place, generating ties between nature and city. What was the environment of this bay with its Yvyty (hill in Guaraní), in which the fauna, flora and our ancestors lived?

On the Hill is the last patch of natural prairie within the urban area of the Department; an area with biological diversity of environmental value, lives on the slopes East, South and West. This treasure survives without protection, which makes it a site to preserve. It is a surface bounded with original landscape features. in zones urban areas the patches are vulnerable, they must be self-sustaining, and this depends on your scale. When they work, they are nodes of high biodiversity that fulfill ecological and provide intangible services to the community.

The scale is key to ensure its existence. The northern slope of the hill, including the Ernesto «Che» Guevara Free Space, has the conditions to join this biodiversity node. Environmental restoration occurs by itself by giving it the chance. To preserve the patch, you must generate connectivity between nodes, taking care of anthropic pressure, controlling exotic species and preserving their size, with watch your growth. The roads and trails define vacant, potential grassland spaces, on the condition that don’t cut the grass. This simple action will allow the vegetation typical of the hill reappears, maintaining the same genetic load of natural evolution and, therefore, its Specific and optimal adaptation to the place.

The enhancement of this natural heritage together with the project, aims to articulate the relationships between humans and nature, promote the traditional walk, integrating new dimensions such as Environmental Education. In the prairie: at east, the park of panoramas is located, of activities indeterminate, where the views on the Bahia and the kites supported by the wind; to the west, the Park for active life, sports, children’s games and the culture; a park that overlooks the neighborhood, which is filled with movement and life.

As in the Fortress and the Parador, the first operation of project is the definition of an artificial horizon, which allows adapt the uses to the slope and geology, with the greatest degree of spatial continuity and the least material effort. These platforms connect to each other ensuring Accessibility conditions in all spaces. Building del Balcón will be a viewpoint linked to the kitchen community and an urban garden. This hybridization between views privileged communities and citizen participation, promotes social integration and the emergence of new forms of use.

The paved surface is extended up to the cantilever, the demolish the 4-sided roof, forming a cloister; he gallery module defines a square piece. on the level del Balcón, the Black Square, houses a flexible Lecture Room and more below, the Multipurpose Hall. It operates as a portal between both sides of the park, making contemplation converge and activity in a unique and intense experience. The balcony, the Lecture room and room can function independently, allowing differentiated use and maintenance.

The new building is planned with a construction system industrialized. A metallic structure of 6 porticos of 37 meters, an intermediate support and 4 supports in the frames testeros. The position of the secondary structure is raised with respect to the main beams, arranging elements of connection linked to the beams of the frames and to the profiles covering. The resolution of this connection will be such that will make it possible to dispense with «braces», stabilizing laterally the lower chord of the main beams to through the torsion rigidity provided by the set of profiles “double T” cover -with rigid connection on the upper face of main beams-, and bending capacity of the stiffeners of web of the beam in coincidence with said connection. The rigidity of the roof plane is achieved with a bracing in «X».

The resistance to vertical loads, as well as the stability lateral in the main direction is based on articulated frames in the foundation and embedded in the beam-column joint. The Lateral stability in the transverse direction is achieved by through the embedment of the pillars, preventing the rotation of its lower end out of the plane, linking the upper end of the pillars of each alignment; it is avoided like this have bracings in «X» in vertical planes of the building.

The multifunctional room is conceived as a covered space and ventilated, which is closed at the height of the body on its sides east and west, through a system of folding doors of exterior and interior perforated polycarbonate plate; in its north façade, and up to that level, the enclosure is opaque, of reinforced sandwich panel. Above this height the space remains open; a safety net is placed and, in order to respond to temperature variations, there is a PVC motorized vertical awning system transparent, with external fixed guides for meshes Raschel-type sun protection or institutional textile signage. A deck-type cover with mechanical fixing is proposed, and a stormwater system by negative pressure, reducing the number of downspouts and registers. Ventilators are installed for the indoor temperature control and smoke extraction in fire case.

Closed spaces have natural ventilation to the have upper sliding windows that guarantee the crossed ventilation. The artificial conditioning of La Sala Polyfunctional and classroom is made with a system of ducts circular section textiles, heater fans and boilers murals; a Rooftop unit and Fan Coils equipment will thermally condition the former Parador.


Designing for this place is reflecting on our identity; the image of the Hill has represented us since always; it gives us names, places us on the map. from here is that the project proposes to generate the conditions for the nature and activities take on a unique character, among games, views, water, rocks and meadow; will try to add this way, one more piece to the archipelago of works significant that inhabit the exceptional geography of the Hill of Montevideo.

Competition: Espacio Polifuncional Balcón del Cerro | Consultant: Barbot & Rocha, Richof, Gustavo Sureda, Pedro Ruiz Diáz | Structural engineer: Ingenium | Landscape: Lucía Ifran | Post date: 07/02/2023 | Views: 1.821