Monastery of Santa Ana
Architects: PRÁCTICA, Daroca Arquitectos
Status: Competition (2021)
Location: Carmona, Spain
Coordinates: 37.476570, -5.643317
Climate: Temperate, Mediterranean
Material: Brick
Environment: Industrial
Visualizer: ZIR Visual
Budget: 4.412.190 €
Scale: 3.297 ㎡ Medium
Ratio: 1.338,24 €/㎡
Types: Cultural

This project consists of the extension of the Monastery of Santa Ana for a new sports and cultural center in the town of Carmona, Spain. This cenobitic complex of the Dominican Order, in Gothic style, was composed by a series of orthogonal cloisters. Its ambulatories provided access to the monastery cells and occupied not only the site designated for this project, but also the adjoining plots to the West.

Intervening in this monumental complex asks for the careful consideration of the Church of Santa Ana, now refurbished and put in use for cultural events. Thus, the new sports and cultural complex is projected as a volume parallel to the church. It is however placed as far away from the latter as the proposed site allows.

This location, on the one hand, articulates the access to the new building from the West, in relation to an existing pedestrian street. On the other hand, it defines a new open public space as a courtyard between the new and the old. This courtyard is enclosed on its north side by a low building housing cultural spaces, and to the south by an imposing existing wall of masonry and brickwork belonging to the original Monastery of Santa Ana.

Competition: Complejo Deportivo Cultural Santa Ana de Carmona | Team: Jaime Daroca, José Mayoral, José Ramón Sierra, José Luis Daroca | Collaborator: Pilar Martín | Engineer: Roberto Alés, IS Ingenieros | Post date: 25/11/2022 | Views: 1.090