Montespertoli School Complex
Architect: BSTR architects
Client: Montespertoli Municipality
Status: Competition (2019)
Clasification: Honour mention
Location: Montespertoli, Italy
Climate: Temperate, Humid subtropical
Material: Wood
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Studio
Budget: 7.317.796 €
Scale: 7.654 ㎡ Medium
Ratio: 956,07 €/㎡
Types: Education, School

The project idea moves from an accurate analysis of the context and research of the Florentine Chianti’s genius loci, where Montespertoli is located.

Starting from the typical characteristics of historical architecture, the complex is composed of an aggregate of several buildings placed around a double courtyard system, as usual for historical urban fabrics and the Tuscan countryside.

In order to insert the building in the context, the new volumes are aligned with the main urban axes, given by the shape of the land and the development of the town.

The smaller courtyard building, hosting the kindergarten, rotates, instead of the other volumes, using the characteristics of the site to reduce excavations.

The main courtyard building, which hosts the primary school, the kitchen and the school offices, is aligned with via dello Schiavone and with the directions of the existing buildings.

The gym block presents a practicable coverage that allows the building to open up towards the landscape.

The building raise on a base made of bricks which links the building, chromatically and functionally, to the ground, and perforated metal panels as crowning elements, which metaphorically recall the brick mandolato of the Tuscan granary.

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