New Bauhaus Museum
Architect: MenoMenoPiu Architects
Status: Competition (2011)
Clasification: Honour mention
Visualizer: +imgs
Scale: 3.200 ㎡ Medium
Types: Cultural, Museum

«The transparency makes the continuity between inside and outside, the outside comes inside and vice-versa. An eclectic conquest of the space makes the building not a barrier but a dynamic urban link, crossed by a linear flexible path across Bauhaus history. The idea of creating a new unity by the marriage of many arts and movements».

The building is conceived as an open square at the crossing point of the three main city forces, old and new city and the park, a flexible «object» that allows different activities inside and around it.

A covered square as a multifunctional space that may or may not  interact with the upper exhibition floor, depending on opening hours, a multitask space opened to the city in a natural relation with the park.

The «clever cover», as a key element designed to be flexible to accommodate contemporary technologies to full filled the future needs of the building. The game of light and shadows made by the pattern of the cover evokes the drawings of Josef Albers.

The 50% of the roof (1.250m²) is covered by photovoltaic panels which provide up to 250kw/day, satisfying the 60% of the museum energy consumption. Sliding shaders manage the seasonal solar interior contributions, satisfying programmatic needs of the different boxes.

The system «box in the box», in synergy with the technological roof , guarantees the best climatic control through the different seasons.

«I’m interested in the idea of overlapping images over several layers of transparent surfaces”

Competition: New Bauhaus Museum | Collaborator: Francois Zab, Marco Lavit Nicora, Marco Conti Sikic, David Yahn, Drahi, Luca Stortoni | Engineer: Marc Hammon, Giulia Fatarella | Landscape: Bassinet Turquin Paysage | Post date: 13/11/2012 | Views: 3.553