New landmark in Västerås
Architect: C. F. Møller
Client: Riksbyggen Västerås
Status: Competition (2017)
Clasification: 1 prize
Location: Västerås, Sweden
Coordinates: 59.605279, 16.558498
Climate: Continental, Temperate
Materials: Concrete, Wood
Environments: Riverside, Urban
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Large
Types: Housing, Residential

The project is a high-rise building including a panoramic garden on the 15th floor. The high-rise building marks a new significant silhouette in Västerås skyline and a characteristic landmark for the entire district of Lilludden. The three-dimensional facades and a green panoramic garden on the 15th floor overlooking the city and Lake Mälaren characterizes the architecture. The project suggests in the competition proposal that the frame is carried out as a hybrid of solid wood and concrete.

«The architecture and details of the facades are inspired by the light reflections on Lake Mälaren. The result is a three-dimensional and dynamic facade composition that is exciting both near and from afar. The panoramic garden placed high up in the building is a focal point for the city and a fantastic common area for the residents of the house. The ambition has been to optimize the synergies between the city, building and urban greenery,”.

Relief and light

The building’s footprint is in the form of an elliptical shape with facades facing all directions of the compass. Balconies sweep along the tower facade and are connected by the height of thin glass panels that are rhythmically placed along the balconies. The thin horizontal balcony edges and the vertical and sheer glass sheets give the facade a lightness and reflect the light of the place. The glass panels have further integrated lighting that illuminates and highlights the facade – even at night.

The project also suggests that the frame is executed as a hybrid between solid wood and concrete. Concrete is the supporting construction up to the 15th floor at the panoramic garden, above the remaining 7 floors will be framed in solid wood. Thus, the two different materials will be utilized in a positive interaction.

The facades are covered with undressed wood, which is weather protected by the overlying balconies on each floor. The balconies can be closed and serve as winter gardens with the possibility of growing crops and extend the seasons throughout the year. The residential area has a variety of apartment sizes and thereby create diversity in the residential profile.

Focus on social sustainability

The new tower block creates the framework for a new destination and meeting space for the entire area. The building’s ground floor will make room for restaurants and commercial buildings that can be integrated as a part of the sun-drenched square. The outer area of the square will include a generous plant wall and green areas, as well as the panoramic garden; this is all a part of project strategy to integrate plants, green areas and ecosystems in the urban landscape.

Team: Ola Jonsson, Bo Lidberg, Julia Schütz, Joakim Svahn, Manuel Cespades, Lasse Vilstrup, Anne-Katrine Arrildt och Henrik Hansen | Post date: 07/05/2017 | Views: 3.293