New Lucerne Theatre
Architect: ohboi
Client: Projektierungsgesellschaft Neues Luzerner Theater
Status: Competition (2022)
Location: Lucerne, Switzerland
Coordinates: 47.050628, 8.305578
Climate: Oceanic / maritime, Temperate
Materials: Concrete, Metal
Environments: Old town, Riverside
Visualizer: monolot
Scale: 10.500 ㎡ Large
Types: Auditorium, Cultural

The location of the New Lucerne Theater in an exposed location on the banks of the Reuss continues the tradition of the oldest theater in Switzerland.

The external form of the building is not only limited to fulfilling the operational requirements, but also fits into the waterfront contextually and, last but not least, represents the values of Swiss society – openness, decency and respect for the cultural heritage.

The exposed location of the new theater and its important historical roots are behind the sober and reserved shape of the house. The theater is in direct visual contact with the historic Kapellbrücke and the old houses in the city center. It therefore modestly absorbs the local morphology and range of materials. The new building paraphrases the historical form of the steep roofs with ceramic tiles and thus honors the contemporary intervention in the historical structure.

The building is placed in the current theater square in such a way that it completely reprograms the existing use. The theater was proposed near the Jesuit Church, with which it is a worthy partner. In front of the entrance to the theater there is a new square, which is partially covered. Of course, this square extends the entrance area to the Rathaussteg and opens up the theater building to the wooden Kapellbrücke.

Even the shape of the building and its roof react to the limited spatial conditions of the place. The tapered volume helps reduce the object’s negative impact on its surroundings. It allows the view of the historic panorama of Lucerne to be preserved as much as possible and helps to better illuminate the living spaces of the surrounding houses.

The house brings a clear and compact volume to the quay, complementing the waterfront and developing it in a contemporary language.

Competition: New Lucerne Theatre | Team: Jan Kubát, Martin Jireš, Linda Kaliská | Collaborator: Tomáš & Václav Babka | Post date: 30/01/2023 | Views: 2.411