New Sala Beckett is a completed project by Flores & Prats promoted by Sala Beckett Institut de Cultura de Barcelona and Generalitat de Catalunya in 2011. It is located in Barcelona Spain in an urban setting. Its scale is medium with a surface of 4.439 sqm a budget of 8.000.000 € and a ratio of 1.802 €/sqm. Key material is wood. Graph collaborated as visualizer. Review the other 2 proposals from the same competition.

«New Sala Beckett, Obrador Internacional de Dramatúrgia. Rehabilitation and Extension of an industrial building in Barcelona, to house the theatre activities of Sala Beckett, with exhibition activities and school of drama.»

Sala Beckett / Obrador Internacional de Dramatùrgia is a place not just to perform contemporary theatre but dedicated to the formation of young dramaturges, giving them the possibility to put in scene their plays for the first time. Sala Beckett is also a place were the most renowned Catalan dramaturges have studied, and is constantly exchanging workshops and seminars with many other countries in Europe and America. Founded 20 years ago by Sanchis-Sinisterra as Teatro Fronterizo, is today a reference in drama world in and outside the country.

The new building will maintain the spatial characteristics of the original building and will grow on top of it to give space to the new programme. With this transformation of the existing building, old and new will work at the same time: it will be a place where one will find signs of previous occupations, but the whole building will be actualized for the new use. The result is not a piling up of programme but something else: in its interior an enormous vestibule connecting the three levels, and outside, a big new roof that transforms the old cooperative building into a big house: The New House for the Dramaturges.

0562-FLP-BCN.ES-2011.12 — Posted in 2012 — Explore more projects on cultural refurbishment and theatre — Climate: temperate and mediterranean — Coordinates: 41.404586, 2.199683 — Team: Ricardo Flores, Eva Prats — Collaborator: Jorge Casajús, Micol Bergamo, Emanuele Lisci, Cecilia Obiol, Pilar Ballarin, Francesca Tassi-Carboni, Maria Amat, Nicola Dale, Adrianna Mas, Giovanna de Caneva, Michael Stroh, Maria Elorriaga, Pau Sarquella, Rosella Notari — Engineer: Marc Comas + Schuler-Schook, Elisabet Castells — Structural engineer: Manuel Arguijo — Photography: Adrià Goula — Views: 5.771