New school campus in Bottanuco
Architect: Eliseo D'Alonzo
Client: Municipality of Bottanuco
Status: Competition (2023)
Clasification: 1 prize
Location: Bottanuco, Italy
Coordinates: 45.641630, 9.511209
Climate: Humid subtropical, Temperate
Material: Wood
Environment: Industrial
Visualizer: internoesterno
Scale: 5.800 ㎡ Medium
Types: Education, School

The aim of the design proposal is to create a place where students and citizens can Identify themselves. The design takes into account the cutting edge methods of learning and its objective is to create a campus integrated into the local environment. The complex comprises three distinct volumes, articulated around the central courtyard surrounded by a wooden portico. The access system facilitates continuous and controlled use of the school. Following the concept of the «Civic Center», It integrates services and activities that are open to the community.

The main entrance to the area is adjacent to the public square. From the central courtyard it is possible to access the two Gyms, the canteen, the auditorium, the library and the School Block. The central courtyard is the most representative part of the project. A circumscribed and measured space, designed at the scale of the students and capable of welcoming citizens for extracurricular events.

The position of the three volumes takes into account the need to minimize the inconvenience and impact on the school population due to the temporary displacement. It allows for the demolition of the existing school and the reconstruction of the next complex in three distinct phases. The result is a calm and recognizable image that expresses itself through simple geometries, attention to proportions and the use of materials. Through a careful distribution of functions and connections, the project compacts the volume as much as possible without compromising the livability and dynamism of the internal space.

Collaborator: Asarchitects, Mynd Ingegneria | Post date: 10/04/2023 | Views: 2.422