New science center
Architect: ADEPT
Status: Competition (2010)
Visualizer: Luxigon
Scale: 22.000 ㎡ Large
Types: Cultural, Cultural center

In the future the science center is to constitute an architectural point of orientation and central meeting place as well as being functionally better integrated in the area. Simultaneously, the revision of the existing programming and development demands long-term thinking and focus on environmental and social sustainability.

Since the science center communicates scientific breakthroughs from past, present and future, it is essential to emphasize history’s influence on future science. This is represented in the buildings collective expression through building upon and in between the existing north and south wings. In this way the science center is experienced as a juxtaposition of past and future – both exteriorly and interiorly.

In the New Science Center the world is turned upside-down which prepares the visitors for an experience out of the ordinary. One purpose with the science center is to increase the visitors urge to explore and aid comprehension of old and new sciences, being simple and complex.

The proposal emphasizes transparency between the building’s functions. Ground floor opens up to the adjoining streets so the building becomes an asset for locals and is perceived inviting for visitors in the area. Openings in the floor structure create connections to exhibition facilities, workstations, and rooftop exhibition area and café.

The inverted city concept influences the construction process and method. In other words the construction work in concept starts from above and in the process works itself downward through the existing building.

Collaborator: Jjw, Niras, Insideoutside, Patric Blanc, Eva Davidsson | Post date: 13/04/2012 | Views: 4.758