No Ones Home is a proposal by Diogo Paixão Igor Fidalgo and Mariana Silva for 120 hours in 2016. Unrevealed location. Its scale is medium.

This home has no site, so it faces itself. A wall that guides you through eleven doors, each one reflecting a different level of intimacy: Five colossal doors take you to the first space – the hypostyle hall – the highest and widest space of all. A multipurpose room where you can just be.

– One tall, narrow door leads you to the fire, the place to gather around.
– Two twin doors show you to the place where you can cook, eat, feed.
– One single door hides the private room, where you can bathe.
– One small, wide door lets you in the rounded space reminiscent of a baby’s cradlw where you can sleep. There is an inner space for absolute seclusion.
– One last door takes you upstairs to the last room, where the sky is the roof. Even though this house has no function, it can still be a home. A home for (a) man.

Basic needs reflect different spatial qualities. The house is ultimately a shelter.

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