North, south
Architect: Predrag Vujanovic
Client: Unknown
Status: Project (2020)
Location: Undefined
Climate: Undefined
Material: Wood
Environment: Forest
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 15 ㎡ Extrasmall
Types: Cabin, Microarchitecture

NORTH / SOUTH are experimental micro cabins located in northern Sweden – twin cabins that share the same traits – materiality, colors and content, but have different personalities.

NORTH, hostile and wild, sits towards the open plain with its quills combed back by the strong winds and makes a defiant and aggressive stance.

SOUTH, friendly and tame, tamed by the weather and its surrounding. It looks peaceful while levitating above the ground beneath with its quills disappearing towards it.

Quills are an essential element of NORTH / SOUTH cabins that speaks the same language but in two very different tones. They consist out of black painted timber sticks placed in several layers, horizontally or vertically, on a steel structure that supports them.

Layering the sticks creates a thick coat around the core offering an extra layer of insulation but also creates a unique cladding.

Cabins have the same prefabricated core which is delivered in one piece to the site. Walls are insulated and cladded in steel sheet. Core contains entrance storage, bathroom, kitchenette/dining/office and a bedroom for max two people.

Everything is kept at a bare minimum with majority of furniture concealed in cabinets or inbuilt in the walls like the tables.

No matter how they are perceived, their sole purpose is to offer a silent and a remote place for focus, meditation and contact with the nature around them. Whether the visitor is a writer, programmer or a hunter the cabin offers everything a person needs while working or making a base for their adventures.

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