Offices + Residential Complex
Architect: MFA
Status: Competition (2011)
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Medium
Types: Office, Office building

Buildings interact through the inhabitant’s needs and lifestyles: architecture’s aim is to create a possible residential model able to guarantee a new quality of life based upon new contemporary social relationships. A permeable and flexible project, in order to let the new architecture, the city and the park interact, as elements between the urban life and his quality.

The structure develops in a two-ways formal register: it interprets the “living scale” considering proportions, and on the other side proposing, at a smaller scale and with more privacy, the new contemporary living.
This system reveals itself as a large longitudinal garden, with shining and relaxing spaces, at the green spaces scale (public, semi-public, pedestrian connections, semi-private spaces and private green, south-faced and on +1.00 m level.

Qualitative environments are created, like green terraces, allowing users to better perceive the space, with looks on the context and different horizons above the city.

Team: Erica Beluffi, Daniele Quadri, Alessandro Brocchetti | Post date: 04/01/2013 | Views: 2.247