Pasarela peatonal y casetas de aperos en el parque Aranzadi
Architects: Alcolea + Tárrago, Antonio J. Cidoncha
Status: Project (2014)
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Medium
Types: Bridge, Public space

Crossing a bridge or a footbridge, is one of the most unique experiences. Traditionally, the possibility to walk suspended over a river or a vacuum has been associated with an extraordinary experience that transcended the common constructive logic, giving these structures a magical symbolism. Beyond merely crossing a river, the project aims to recover this magic.

The occasion is excellent: it is strongly characterized by the river Arga and the splendid views towards the Aranzadi Park, the skyline of the old town of Pamplona and its Cathedral in the background. The proposal wants to contribute to the improvement of accessibility undertaken by the city, understanding it within a broader network of recognizable actions. Because of its material, structural and geometric layout the solution aims to achieve the best environmental integration, both urban and natural, minimizing possible impacts. That affects a few basic decisions and design premises: we try to find a natural continuity with the paths and squares in the Park as well as a good connection with the Errotazar Street improving its current setting; we try to preserve the pedestrian path with a clear and forceful geometry, without complicated solutions that interfere with the landscape and the river bend; we rely on discretion as a task-force to value the natural environment against the unavoidable artifice of a human structure. And we make this with one simple gesture in the design section, a structural solution, as well as for its layout, finishing and paving.

The tool sheds follow this same philosophy based on discretion, economy of formal resources, environmental integration and durability. The sheds are adapted to the horticultural surroundings of the Aranzadi Park. We try to integrate them with the formal and material values of the existing greenhouses. The tool sheds are considered as urban furniture, both for the prefab construction system and dry mounting, and for the materials, colours and textures, which are the existing in the park. The design, construction and installation is extremely simple, fast and economical. It is estimated that would enable an assembly within 8 to 15 days.

Consultant: María Vera, César Nieto, Antonio Aretxabala | Post date: 02/06/2014 | Views: 2.111