Peratallada Castle
Architect: Mesura
Client: Ajuntament de Peratallada
Status: Project (2015) On going (2017)
Location: Peratallada, Spain
Coordinates: 41.977564, 3.089809
Climate: Mediterranean, Temperate
Materials: Stone, Wood
Environment: Rural
Visualizer: Play-Time architectonic images
Scale: Medium
Types: Commercial, Hotel, Refurbishment, Residential, Restaurant

The Peratallada Castle, a heritage building dated from the X century A.C., is where we find this fabulous and unique project. A magic refuge place, in the heard of a village that preserve a clear vestige of it’s medieval past in every street. The Castle, located in the Baix Empordà (Catalonia, Spain) is considered, for it’s historic-artistic value, a National Heritage Building. The perfect integration with it’s surrounding stones, dated from the tenth century (a.C.) and the respect with the historical Monument is the project main goal.

In this unique architectural piece of art, owed by a private investor, our first commission was to design a unique garden. After building the garden, and with the client totally delighted, our new commission is to conceive a mixed-use design with a hotel, bar, restaurant and museum program. With only 10 hotel rooms, some of them with medieval paintings in its wooden roof frame, the design seeks to bring the visitor with a mystique experience. The gardens of the Castle are conceived as part of this trascendental experience, with a sheet of water permanently moving, the amazing surroundings play a big role in the reflexion of the water and the sound creates a magic atmosphere. The water overflow, a cascade over the concrete wall.

The project will be build in different stages due to it’s complexity of the construction process, for two reasons: first of all for the fragility of the monument, on the other hand for the difficult conditions to work (machineries, materials supply, etc..). The main actor is always the Castle, we are just writing a very brief part of its history.

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