Architect: Jiménez & Linares
Clients: Junta de Extremadura, Servicio extremeño de Salud
Status: Competition (2019)
Clasification: 4 prize
Location: Plasencia, Spain
Coordinates: -6.0884500, 40.0311600
Climate: Continental, Temperate
Material: Concrete
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 5.103 ㎡ Medium
Types: Residence, Residential

Everyone has lived a hospital stay at some time in their life. We get used to a new space, a closed place full of routines where our perception of time changes. The project seeks to qualify all these sensations, building small scale spaces, comfortable, bright and in contact with nature. Places that the patient can travel and recognize easily, where he feels assisted and at the same time can enjoy freedom and autonomy.

What ultimately tries to build the project is a nearby, diverse and flexible space that is able to accompany the patient throughout his therapeutic development. For this, the project is based on a clear idea: each of the three modules of stay in which patients are divided is structured around a courtyard that constitutes the true heart of each community.

With this gesture a double objective is achieved, from the external point of view a playful space is created, with benches, porches and vegetation, which is easily controllable by the health personnel. From the inside perspective, the patio constitutes a center around which the corridor revolves, facilitating the orientation of the users in a bright and  spacious environment, from which the module can be perceived in its entirety. This structure allows, in fact, that there are crossed views between opposite facades, where the rooms and consultations face the landscape, and the corridor opens to the central courtyard.

The second strategy developed by the project has to do with the readability of the program. The building is divided into four autonomous volumes that are related by a main axis that runs through the building like a backbone. This three meter wide corridor collects the flows of health personnel, visitors, merchandise … communicating the different programs with each other and with the communication centers, which allows the three programs to be reached from the central pavilion in the most direct way possible.

Competition: Plasencia residence for elderly people | Team: Elena Jiménez, Abelardo Linares | Collaborator: Paloma Márquez, David Vera | Post date: 31/03/2020 | Views: 8.001