Project for a four season concept
Architect: Collection Architectes
Client: Domaines Skiables de France
Status: Competition (2020)
Clasification: 1 prize
Location: Sybelles, France
Coordinates: 45.240138, 6.215197
Climate: Humid subtropical, Temperate
Materials: Stone, Wood
Environment: Mountain
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Medium
Types: Cultural, Hotel, Mixed use, Residential

Our team developed a global development plan for the site of the Ouillon plateau (2100/2400 m altitude) with the idea of creating a real «4 seasons» attraction for the territory. In this dynamic of development we have designed and developed a «site house» with an emblematic architecture which finds all its relevance in its landscape integration: semi-buried and covered with a green roof. This principle allows to limit considerably its visual impact but to offer an exceptional relationship to the landscape. We have also developed a concept of unusual accommodation that allows to extend the length of stay on site and to offer a unique immersion in the landscape, «alone» facing the spectacles of dusk and dawn.

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