Architect: Transform
Status: Competition (2011)
Clasification: 2 prize
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 26.000 ㎡ Large
Types: Cultural, Museum, Refurbishment

Musicon, the new creative area in Roskilde – a former concrete factory – will be a vibrant, compact, diverse neighbourhood developed in close relation to the area’s industrial past. ROCKmagneten consists of the 3 players – The Danish Rock Museum, The Roskilde Festival Folkschool, The Roskilde Festival Headquarters, and together they share a Public Community House. The area will be intense, urban, and leave room for the unpredictable, and strategically it will integrate both temporary and flexible events.

We believe that ”the new” starts with the existing and we perceive the assignment as an “extension assignment”. From the existing we get the idea of a robust and flexible urban structure and define the future scale of the area, the new climate zones, and the hierarchy of the public spaces.

Our ambition is to create an active vibrant Public Communal House which connects to the neighborhoods most interesting and active public space – Rabalderstræde, the already existing main street. ROCKmagneten – The Danish Rock Museum, The Roskilde Festival Folkschool, and The Roskilde Festival Headquarters – are all located in the eastern part of the area, in close relation and connection to “the spine”, Rabalderstræde, and thereby the Public Communal House, the extrovert and most public part of ROCKmagneten. By combining the 3 new players a strong attractor for Musicon will be created. Towards the west the existing industrial halls will be preserved. They can be upgraded to accommodate a wide range of programs – galleries, workshops, studios etc. Between old and new – an open zone is created – where temporality and flexibility are ensured by few permanent structures – the new squares are Søjlepladsen, Mosaikpladsen, and Højskolepladsen.

The New Rock Museum is designed in accordance with the industrial traces and the characteristic history offered by Musicon. The museum must find its own distinctive and uplifted expression, the house can serve both as an eye-catcher for the new program and cultivate the ideals of the district plan for a, compact, diverse neighbourhood – dense at the ground floor and even denser towards Rabalderstræde. We will link the intimate and immediate with the surprising and monumental.

The Roskilde Festival Folkschool will be an active and urban school. A unifying learning and experimental environment with activity 24 hours a day and filled to the brim with music, communication, cooperation, surprises, social friction, and open arms. We want to create a school, which spatially and organizationally supports the school’s values and enables the school and the individual student to engage with its environment – with its immediate neighbours – Musicon, ROCKmagneten/Rabalderstræde, and further with the unifying centred atrium of the building, which serves as the school’s major social and professional ‘mixer’.

Competition: Rockmagneten | Collaborator: Wingårdh Arkitektkontor, Grontmij, Schul + Okra Landskab, Tom Nielsen | Post date: 05/09/2012 | Views: 19.835