Rural Turism Housing
Architect: Susana Romeo del Val
Client: ETSA Reus
Status: Academic
Location: Ibiza, Spain
Coordinates: 38.904174, 1.432583
Climate: Mediterranean, Temperate
Materials: Plaster, Stone, Wood
Environment: Forest
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 3.030 ㎡ Medium
Types: Housing, Masterplan, Public space, Refurbishment, Residential

The city of Ibiza has grown very fast in the last years, leaving a few small green areas for the citizens. Its traditional crops and rural areas have been left on the surroundings of the city, its significant small rivers have been ignored by the new constructions and the direct relation to the sea has been completely blocked. That’s the reason why one of the main proposes of the project is to merge city and nature without forgetting the tradition of the place.

The idea is to connect one of the main streets of Ibiza with the coastline. The project proposes to reactivate the cropped abandoned area of the old torrent of Puig des Molins through a landscape work of the place. The work is focused on the fine existing path done by the human feet for decades. It is a shy path that offers multiple visuals towards the Ibiza’s Medieval Wall and ends up with views to the sea. Due to the lack of residential spaces in the city of Ibiza, a residential complex is proposed to serve as an accommodation for students or rural tourism depending on the season.

The intervention aims to maintain the essence of the place, its natural appearance and its existing landscape elements. A set of existing elements that belong to the place are taking part on the project: the traditional terraces, the crop retaining walls, the old rural House of Fèlix and the Fèlix Mill. The proposal bands together with these elements maintaining them or making them participate on the project.

The shape of the whole project is based on a net of axes, perpendicular to the sloped abrupt topography of the site. They unify the project, permit a constructive concept and bring clarity to the design. These axes are distributed depending on the slope orientation, respecting the existing traditional stone walls, taking into account the future pathways and both the views to the sea and the old Roman Wall of Ibiza.

These axes also define the housing unit limits that compose the residential complex of the project. The different units are based on a same concept of spaces distributed around a core, and are located one next to each other a long de valley. At the same time, their facades emphasize and respect the existing paths of the landscape.

The composition of the facades of the project is developed based on three simple elements alternated: window, table and seat. The repetition of these wood elements in different order serves to the inside as furniture and allows variable facades to the exterior.

There is also a public and common area in the project. It’s located on the top of the valley, to have a relation with the exiting apartments of the site. It’s based on a restaurant and a cafeteria, attached to an existing rural house. The following main intention in the project is the incorporation of several existing elements that belong to the original place. One of them is the old rural house, which will become the heart of the project. The project proposes the refurbishment of this rural house, respecting its traditional construction and peculiarities, adapting it to the new administrative use and reusing the old rain water tank as sustainable action.

Post date: 25/02/2020 | Views: 3.467